Saturday, November 01, 2008

Baby Stuff

Well, one definitely can say that I'm not very consistent! That's probably the story of my life lately. I have these wonderful ideas that I want to do and actually start but never seem to be able to follow through. I have completed a couple of projects, so that is something.

First up, and most recently finished are 6 preemie hats. These are teeny, tiny. Fitting 20 to 24 week preemie angels. A NILMDTS Photographer has a few crocheted gowns and didn't have any hats to go with them. I'm hoping these will work for her.

Specifics --- knit with 2.75mm needles and Patons Beehive Sport yarn.
The blue cabled hat is Cabled Preemie Hat by Marie Wright. I think you need to be on ravelry to get the pattern.
The rest of the hats I made up on the fly. The pink one is made with the "chevron rib" stitch.

Next, I finished a baby sweater for a friend who is having a new baby in January. Another little boy is on the horizon for them.
This sweater is knit from Superwash 100%wool Baby Ull and 2.75mm needles. The pattern is a free Drops Designs pattern, including jacket, hat, socks, mitts, blanket, and rattle. I'm only making the jacket and hat.

And in the quilting realm, I'm actually working on a couple of projects. I finished this quilt for Encompass's preschool kids. It will be given out (with many others) next September.
Remember this quilt (Feb. 14th 2007 post) that I commented about starting. Well 1 1/2 years later I've finished the top. It's huge (for me) at 90" x 96" and will need to take it to our quilting group meeting on Friday in order to layer and baste it. Hopefully I have enough pins. I'll try to take a picture or two there and post it at another time.

And the last sewing project is a dress and bonnet made from a wedding gown. A wonderful woman who lost her daughter, Brooke at 37.5 weeks asked if I would make something from her gown in memory of her daughter. I hope she will be able to treasure this gift and it would bring her hope and a little joy in the midst of her grief. There is still lots of fabric left from her gown to make a few angel sets. More sewing in my future.