Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow and Cold

It is still snowing this morning where I live. Now I know that all of you who usually get snow in the winter will be laughing at us in the Northwest, but we just aren't used to it! I think I have about 1.5" in the yard and it is cold (28F) so all the schools are closed. My kids will be excited when they wake up that they can play all day. This weather has been crazy .... first flooding now freezing ice and snow!

On to more warm stuff! I finished a pair of booties that I felted (sized for a 1 year old). This is the first time I have ever felted anything on purpose (the "not on purpose" has happened a few times). They didn't seem to felt up quite as much as I would have liked, but I am happy how they turned out. This pattern seemed a little different as the booties were knit on quite small needles so the resulting fabric was quite tight before felting. All the other felted patterns I have seen have used larger needles which resulted in a looser fabric before felting. This may have had something to do with how the booties felted. I want to try out this felted slipper pattern next. This pattern uses larger needles so maybe it will felt better.

Finished is a pair of socks that I started in 1992 (yup ... been a while). They turned out ok, but the pattern was horrible to follow, especially for my first pair of socks. I guess that is why it took so long to finish them, I couldn't understand the directions! They have a cabled pattern for the ankle and top of the foot which I really like. The pattern came from the Fall 1992 copy of Vogue knitting.

The Knitting for Peace book arrived at our library so I picked it up the other day. It is such a great book with wonderful stories and great patterns. I think I would make each pattern in there ... they are simple, easy to knit and the results look great! I have added it to my Amazon wish list so maybe it will show up under our tree at Christmas! I have cast on for the swirled ski cap.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


H A P P Y * T H A N K S G I V I N G * D A Y !
Have safe travels if you are travelling and enjoy all the yummy treats. We are not traveling and are having only our immediate family (4 of us) for dinner. I will be enjoying the quiet (as quiet as it can be with 2 young kids) and enjoying some delicious food :) I am so thankful for all of you who spend some of your time making items for others. It sure is food for the soul!

I finished a baby quilt which turned out to be 32" x 32" square. I really like using the warm wishes pattern, it is quick and easy. It is also easy to adjust the block size to accommodate different types of focus fabrics. The Quiltmaker website has quite a few fun and easy quilts to make.

As I said in the last post I am working on a sweater for the Dulaan Project. I was going to design my own, but decided it would be quicker to make one from a pattern. I used Irina Makarow's pattern called the Steppe Sweater and am using extra chunky yarn. Wendy Pampas is the dark purple (about 5 sts per 4" on 9mm needles) and Austermann Bombolo yarn is the peach colour. It is working up really quickly with this bulky yarn and I only need to add one more sleeve and then weave in the ends. A much larger eyed tapestry needle will need to be found for that as I only have one that does up to worsted weight yarn.

Enjoy your turkey feast!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back Into Quilting

I had taken a break from quilting for a while. I think I was just overwhelmed with all the quilt tops I had made and the daunting task of quilting them all. There was also this quilt that I just didn't like and had it half quilted ... well it's finally done and I feel a huge relief knowing I can get on to stuff I like better. I really like the cowboy print that I had but I think there needed to be more contrast between the window pane fabric and the red window sill fabric. I used the attic windows pattern.

I also finished this sweater and hat set that I had started last week. I will include it in the box for Heavenly Angels In Need. Now I want to design a sweater and hat set for the Dulaan project. I have been looking through Knitting Over The Edge and also a knitting stitches book to come up with some ideas for a "no sew" pullover sweater. I realize how much I really dislike sewing up all those seams after knitting since the mitered square blanket is still sitting on my floor, layed out and in pieces!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

Probably most of you have heard of all the flooding and rain we received here in Western Washington a few days ago. Fortunately we live high enough above the rivers that we were not affected, but my heart and prayers go out to all of the families that have flood damage. The schools have been closed yesterday and today because quite a few of the school buildings in our district were flooded. The kids are enjoying their time off and we went out to Snoqualmie Falls today to see all the water pouring over. The mist was so heavy that we were completely soaked in about 1 minute of standing near the falls.

Crafting wise I am working on knitting a seamless baby sweater using some Softee Baby yarn that I have on hand. I am trying a new technique of adding the buttons onto a knit stitch on the same row as the button hole. This way I don't have to sew buttons on when I am done with the knitting ... so it really is a "no sew" sweater.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Mitts and Dishcloth

I finished the other buggy mitten for my older daughter and then made a pair for my younger daughter. She picked out the yarn and the pattern. These are so cute and they work up fast. I had forgotten how fast mittens work up. I think I will make a pair for each of my niece and nephews for Christmas.

I also made this dishcloth last week. I wanted to try making a round cloth and found the Diamond Edge Circular dishcloth pattern. It is easy, but I am not sure I like how it turned out. There is another pattern with a bit more of a lacey edge on it that I think I will try next and the ones I have seen have been in solid colours so I may try that as well. I was hoping to make these for a couple of girlfriends for Christmas and include a bar of soap, some lotion and other girly stuff.