Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I have taken the plunge and switched to the 'New Blogger'. I am really not sure what that means to you but I am hoping that everything still works . We shall see as time goes on.

Again, not much new on the crafting front. I received (from my wonderful husband) the flu bug on Friday and am just today feeling more like myself. Yippeee for that but booo for not being able to do much knitting or sewing ... just didn't feel like doing anything but sit on the couch!

Yesterday, I made some cards for friends with March birthdays. I am happy with how they turned out. No stamping involved just using stickers and paper from a "book" I got from Michaels. And one of the paper stores near me (only 15 miles away so that is considered near when you live in the boondocks) is closing so I picked up the green sparkly cards for a good deal. Had to get 50 of them so you will probably see them around for a while :-)

On the knitting front, I did finish the white preemie blanket and the boys outfit. Just need to sew the seams and weave in the ends so next time I will post a picture of those. And I cast on another top down, seamless baby sweater using James C. Brett yarn. This time in the Denim colourway. Love that yarn -- even if it is acrylic! Check for a picture next time --- hope to finish it on our women's retreat this weekend!

One last thing ... do you like to listen to music while you craft. Marilee on the WASIQ email group posted a link to Pandora Internet Radio. You can set up your own radio station based on a song or artist. You do need to sign up, but for now it is free. Very cool if your computer is near where you like to craft!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not Much New

My kids have this week off for mid winter break so we decided to visit our family and some friends in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. We completely forgot to take the camera so I have no pictures .... The weather was ok except for Monday when it rained the entire day. It wasn't any better at home so I don't feel too bad!

On the knitting front, I started a preemie blanket in white Bernat Softee Baby. I am using the woven stitch from the boys burial outfit I designed a while ago with a garter stitch border. I also started the boys burial outfit in blue/white Softee Baby but it is harder to work on riding in the car because I need to concentrate more. Both are about half done so maybe next week I will have some completed items to show you ;-)

Do you like colour? I like to play around with different colour schemes and this website is really cool. I like Sunset On The Bay at this moment.

And this one is pretty great, too! Viking Invasion

You can download the colour scheme software for a free 15 day trial.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not Another Quilt

Yup ... you heard right. I decided last week that I need a quilt for my bed. I have never made - or maybe I should say never finished - a queen size quilt. I do have two tops sitting here that are both about queen size. One is black and bright block of the month (BOM) that I did two years ago from the PlanetPatchwork website. The other is was a New Years Day mystery quilt from A Pocket Full of Mysteries yahoo group from about 1 year ago. I don't "love" either of them so I am sure that is why they are not quilted.

My favourite colours are teal and purple and I have quite a few fabrics in those colours. I was browsing through EQ6s library of blocks and found one that I like and would work well in a large size - 18" finished - and scrappy fabrics. I didn't have any background fabric so needed to go to the store and purchase that - but I was good and didn't get anything else LOL!

The only downside of the block I chose is that it is entirely made from 1/2 square triangles. 576 of them to do the quilt ... yikes what am I getting myself into. Probably setting myself up for another UFO ... but what the hay :-) What's another UFO when you already have .... so many of them!

Progress - I have all the fabric for the blocks cut out and all the teal/purple and teal/light 1/2 square triangle blocks sewn. Getting there ....

Other finished stuff - I finished the pair of socks for Afghans for Afghans and also made a red hat for their circus challenge. Need to get those off in the mail today.

Happy Valentines Day! XOXOXO

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Almost A Quilt ...

WoooHooo ... this quilt is almost done! And will be the first one completed in 2007. It is pretty simple but I really like how it turned out. Just need to finish hand sewing the binding onto the back. It is 42" x 50" which is a bit bigger than I had wanted it for a crib size quilt but should be usable into toddler hood. Each square is cut 6 1/2".

The January 2007 newsletter for Heavenly Angels In Need is now available. There are a couple patterns in there, some stories and updates on the different regions. A good read in my opinion!

I finished the knit blanket I was working on yesterday. I really like how it turned out. I will post the pattern another day since I am in a bit of a rush this morning :) Just need to weave in the ends. The sleeper on top of the blanket is newborn size (I made 5 of these). The blanket and sleepers will be going to Heavenly Angels In Need once I find a box big enough to hold the donations.