Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation Knitting

I am very pleased with the amount I got accomplished on the Notre Dame De Grace pullover. 2 sleeves were completed on the trip to and from Yellowstone and most of the back and part of the front were completed at the beach. I decided to work the front and back as one piece up to the arm decreases. I don't like seaming so the less seams the better! Here is the front and back of the sweater at the beach. DH is in the background flying his kite. As you can see he has his jacket on. It wasn't very warm though the kids still went "swimming".

Here's me knitting. I love seeing pictures of blog postees (is that a word?) so here is one of me. Wind is blowing and it is cold but I can't sit and not do nothing.

Since we arrived home I was overwhelmed with all the started (not finished) projects I have. I made these preemie booties to go with the hat which was finished a couple of months ago. There are so many other things to finish as well. I have decided that I will work on charity items during the "work" day and my personal items in the early morning and after dinner. I am hoping this will keep a balance in my life of personal and charity work.

HAIN Newsletter -- the summer edition is out. There are free patterns and some wonderful articles.

Afghans for Afghans is requesting baby hats (10" to 15" circumference), baby socks (no booties), and blankets at least 40" x 30". Due date is September 2007.

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Pat said...

Love your "knitting on the beach" picture! (and am looking forward to seeing your sweater)