Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Yarn and Projects

The Fana Mittens are done -- yeah!!! I am not sure why it took me so long to finish. Maybe because I had other projects going that were more interesting ?!? Now that the mitts are finished, my package is being sent to Afghans for Afghans on Monday. One pair of socks, one pair of mitts and a sweater.

I received a bag of yarn from a wonderful lady (thanks Paula) at Encompass. This is the organization that Caring for Communities (the charity group I organize at our church) donates their kid sized quilts to. We just dropped off 23 quilts the middle of September. Paula is such a sweet gal that she picked up all this yarn for our group to use for charity.

Of course I couldn't just let it sit around and wait --- so I cast on for a blanket. There are 8 skeins of the beige (called bisque on the label) which should be plenty for a crib sized blanket.
I found this really cute sweater pattern on the Lion Brand website called Standout Stripes and am using it for the blanket. It will go to HAIN's Childrens Division when it's done.

The Roam sweater is coming along. I am almost finished the sleeves. And I really like how the garter stitch V pattern is turning out. Lots of texture!

And I have turned the heal on the first of my daughters socks. So knitting is happening :-)


JudyMac said...

A nice bag of yarn for your charity knits, and the cot blanket idea is a great one.
I love your sock in the previous post :)
Read you soon.

Wool Winder said...

The mitts turned out great! And I really like the bisque colored yarn. The stripes stand out well against it.

Cam said...

Pretty Fanas!

Pat said...

ooops it was set on my son's acct. :-)