Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finished and Started

I finished up the knit preemie dress that I had been working on. I think I made the skirt a little bit too long but it should still work. Babies come in all sizes so I am sure the dress will be used. I think I will make a bonnet to go with it.

Here is a great webpage that shows different measurements for different size preemie babies.
I am using these measurements to design a boys knitted burial outfit. I can't seem to find any free patterns that I want to make on the net.

Quilting Projects:
I am currently working on layering quilt tops that I have made (and others have made but did not want to quilt) so that I can get these finished and off to some good homes. Here is one made by Anna that is layed out on the floor. I use masking tape to hold the backing down on the floor while I pin baste the layers together. So far I can still get up off the floor once I am done. Three more to go ...

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