Friday, June 30, 2006

Personal Work Day and Shopping

Today I worked on mostly my own stuff ... after shampooing the carpet because the dog pooped on it. What a yucky, stinky mess! I think he will be relegated to the laundry room from now on!

Ok, on to more fun stuff ... as I was saying I worked mostly on my own stuff and had to go to the local fabric/yarn store for more supplies ... yippeee ... the best thing was my girls wanted I mean really wanted to go. It may have to do something with "If you come and behave I will buy you some new knitting needles and some fabric for your projects" but ssshhhhh, don't tell Dad. I am sure he won't be impressed. Now, instead of only spending money on my stuff I am also buying my kids fibre stuff too! AND encouraging them to take up the hobby!

So, what did I buy. That quilt that I layered yesterday ... well I realized that I didn't have any dark green thread to quilt it with and the boys knit outfit that I want to design ... I didn't have any baby blue yarn so had to buy some of that too. And the pink yarn was pretty nice, so bought some of that. Both are Bernat's Softee Baby ... so soft! And I "needed" some more ribbon in blue and white for ties on the preemie outfits I "plan" on knitting.

Alright, back to the project I was working on. In October I started a year long project. It involves 52 (and more if you want to add more) women of the bible. There is a study book and a 6" quilt block that goes with each women.

The project is designed and moderated by Carol Honderich. You can find an article about her project here:
She also has a couple of yahoo groups.

I am very, very behind in making the quilt blocks. I have made 17 and the group is now on women #36. My goal this summer is to "catch up". Hah ... with two kids, vacation, hot lazy days I am not sure that is a reality. These blocks are tough! I am currently working on Ruth which has 28 pieces sewn together using English Paper Piecing, pretty daunting if you ask me. It has been a challenge, but one that I am enjoying and will be thankful for when it is complete.

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