Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back Into Quilting

I had taken a break from quilting for a while. I think I was just overwhelmed with all the quilt tops I had made and the daunting task of quilting them all. There was also this quilt that I just didn't like and had it half quilted ... well it's finally done and I feel a huge relief knowing I can get on to stuff I like better. I really like the cowboy print that I had but I think there needed to be more contrast between the window pane fabric and the red window sill fabric. I used the attic windows pattern.

I also finished this sweater and hat set that I had started last week. I will include it in the box for Heavenly Angels In Need. Now I want to design a sweater and hat set for the Dulaan project. I have been looking through Knitting Over The Edge and also a knitting stitches book to come up with some ideas for a "no sew" pullover sweater. I realize how much I really dislike sewing up all those seams after knitting since the mitered square blanket is still sitting on my floor, layed out and in pieces!


Marla said...

Hi Cheryl,

I love the sweater set! I did snitch one or two of your patterns- maybe when I get brave enough at knitting I'll try them.

Hope the flooding stays away from you!!

NIN Home office volunteer in KY

HAINAngel2000 said...

just beautiful!!! great work!! How is the weather getting in WA? It has been nasty here!!

Cheryl said...

Pretty nasty here too, Mary! Wind is howling and rain is coming down hard. There are a lot of people without power around us, but we have been lucky and still have electricity! Guess the weather didn't listen to me the other day :-)

HAINAngel2000 said...

I haven't heard from you in awhile. I am worried about you. We had trees fall in the woods close by use and one tree close to use brought down a power pull and a tranformer blew up and it lit the whole sky up. Thought it was a car crash but nope it wasn't. Thanking the Lord it wasn't. Anyway I hope your doing ok. I miss you and love you, Mary

Cheryl said...

Thanks for being concerned about me, Mary :) I am still here and am hoping to post a new entry today. We are not travelling for turkey dinner so I should have the morning to work on crafty stuff.
The wind here wasn't so bad, but closer to Seattle and further north it was very windy and knocked out power in quite a few places. The power keeps flickering here this morning, so I am praying that we will have power to cook our turkey and side dishes.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US :) I have soooo much to be thankful for!!
Cheryl :)