Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Mitts and Dishcloth

I finished the other buggy mitten for my older daughter and then made a pair for my younger daughter. She picked out the yarn and the pattern. These are so cute and they work up fast. I had forgotten how fast mittens work up. I think I will make a pair for each of my niece and nephews for Christmas.

I also made this dishcloth last week. I wanted to try making a round cloth and found the Diamond Edge Circular dishcloth pattern. It is easy, but I am not sure I like how it turned out. There is another pattern with a bit more of a lacey edge on it that I think I will try next and the ones I have seen have been in solid colours so I may try that as well. I was hoping to make these for a couple of girlfriends for Christmas and include a bar of soap, some lotion and other girly stuff.

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solje said...

Those mittens are way too cute, Cheryl!