Monday, March 19, 2007

I couldn't help myself and started knitting up the Trekking XXL sock yarn that I bought last weekend. I am liking how the colours are coming out and am doing a really simple pattern. I am using Marguerite's Basketweave sock pattern but only doing a simple rib (3 knit 1 purl) instead of the basketweave pattern. I figured the pattern would get lost in the all the colours of the yarn.
Onto the finished pile I put the baby sweater I had been working on (newborn size) and the preemie burial dress (1 - 2lb preemie). You can really see the difference between the two sizes in the picture. It is really hard to imagine a baby that small and tiny and perfect!
Newborn Baby Sweater
Yarn: James C. Brett Marble
Needles: Size 3.5mm
Pattern: Seamless Yoked Sweater by Carole Barenys
Preemie Burial Dress
Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft Twinkle Print
Needles: Size 3.5mm
Pattern: Sleeper Sack by Debbie
I plan on making hats for both the above outfits. Probably when I get tired of working on my socks!


HAINAngel2000 said...

I do like how the colors are comming together as well great job! The gown and the sweater are just adoarable as well,as all your things are!
Great job! Mary

Pat said...

I love Trekking XXL too! It looks wonderful with the basketweave pattern!
ALL of your baby knits are inspiring!