Monday, August 13, 2007

Preemie Sweaters and Socks

The shower is over and the sweaters are finished. I do need to make one more tiny sweater as Lacey is having 3 girls and 1 boy. Yeah for her!! She looks so great and received some wonderful gifts. Here is the fourth sweater that I knit. I used Bernat Softee Baby for the white and Patons Astra yarn for the pink squares. The pattern is from P2Designs. I will need to go buy another set of buttons -- didn't think of making more sweaters when I purchased the first four sets!

What am I working on now?? Afghans for Afghans is requesting baby hats, socks, and blankets by September 21st as well as kids items sizes 8 - 18 (socks, hats, sweaters, vests, mitts) due by the same date. You can check out all the details on their website.
Finished is a pair of baby socks --- they really work up quickly with worsted weight yarn. The pattern is from North Country.

On the needles currently is a pair of kids socks using Cascade 220 100% wool. This yarn came from a freecycler -- thank you Amy!! She gave me 11 balls of Cascade220 in different colours as well as a sweaters worth of fishermans wool! I am set for a while!!

My sewing machine is feeling very sad lately since I haven't used it much. I have 3 quilts that need to be quilted so I may work on those. Two are baby size for HAIN and one is for a local low income preschool group.

The embossed leaves socks are coming along slowly. I have turned the heal on the first sock so am now on the last straight stretch to the end!


Wool Winder said...

You did it! They are all beautiful. It's a shame you didn't know what she was having when you started, but making one more sweater won't be too bad. Just think how cute the babies will be wearing them.

HAINAngel2000 said...

Oh Cheryl, They are just adorable. They turned out so precious. I bet the mom is so grateful. LOL 3 girls and 1 boy, can you imagine 4 tots running around all going in all different areas all getting into things and.... lololol I bet they will be the joy of their mothers heart. I am so excited I hope she gets pictures done in the sweaters and you share them lol Thank you for posting this, it made my day!!!
Love you Mary