Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too Many Projects --- Acckkk!

I am getting overwhelmed ... with too many projects ! I know at least 6 women at our church that will be having babies over the next few months as well as Afghans for Afghans that have a deadline of October 12th, a very dear friend who has adopted a new baby, and Heavenly Angels In Need that continually has needs (which I haven't supplied in a long while). What is someone to do? ... Cast on another project of course!!! Which is what I have been doing and therefore have a ton of unfinished objects all lined up on my counter.

I am sure my husband thinks I have lost my mind since every time he sees me I am knitting away on yet a different project. They will all get completed, right?!?!

First up is a felted bag I am making for a shoe box exchange that needs to be mailed by September 24th. No problem --- I am almost finished the knitting then it's on to the felting. The bag is Elann's Highland Wool Fancy Felted Bags. I am using Highland wool in a dark wine colour and Knit One Purl One yarn for the accent near the top.

Next is a baby hat that I completed last week for HAIN's Childrens Division. I was feeling overwhelmed with all these large projects so started something small so I could get a sense of accomplishment! Anyone else do that?

I made up the pattern by casting on 74 sts and then using the Fibonacci system to work stripes. I really like how it turned out knit in Paton's Astra yarn and I want to design a pair of booties to go with it (after some other more pressing projects are finished or I need another quick fix of a completed item).

Remember this baby blanket that I started months ago? I started working on it again and think I need to finish 5 more pattern repeats to have it square. I am thinking of giving it to my friend who has adopted a baby girl at the beginning of the month!

And there's the mitts for Afghans for Afghans children's project. Still working on those.

And the Embossed Leaves socks which I am turning the heal on the second sock. Knit a couple of rows on that each day. No new picture!

And (I'm almost done) a very cute baby shrug that is in the Fall '07 Knit Simple Magazine that may also be for my friend with the new adopted baby or one of the 6 others mentioned above. It is soooo cute!
I am using Softee Baby in a pink and white marl, 3.25mm needles and making size 3 months. To go with, I want to make Saartje's Booties.

Enough projects? Sure hope I can complete a couple before having the dreaded "new project bug" bite me again!!


Wool Winder said...

Thanks for reminding me where I'd seen the pattern for the baby shrug. I was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it. All of your projects are coming along nicely and I have no doubt you will finish every single one of them. And yes, I'm one of those that will start a small project just to have the gratification of finishing something. It really helps to do that, I think.

Quail Hill Knits said...

You certain do have a lot on the sticks. But the projects area all wonderful.

Anne K. said...

What lovely projects! You have a lot going on. The mittens are absolutely stunning, and your work is lovely! Congrats!