Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Baby Afghans

If you've been around here long you know I love to knit and crochet baby stuff. It seems I've been on a blanket/afghan kick for a while now and today is no exception. I've often wondered why some people call these rectangles of fiber blankets and others call them afghans. I looked up the definitions and here's what I found:

Blanket ~ A large piece of woolen or similar material used as a bed covering or other covering for warmth.
Afghan ~ a blanket knitted or crocheted in strips or squares; sometimes used as a shawl
 (definitions from google)

That explains it then ... I'm sure I've been using them interchangeably when in fact there is a difference.

This book Best of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans has been in my possession for over a year now and I really like all the patterns in here but I haven't finished any. I think I found them a bit intimidating with the fancy borders. I tend to be a more "fly by the seat of your pants" type of crafter and am queen of fudging to make things work out. These patterns don't look like they have much of a fudge factor involved.
 I have finally jumped in and am working on Snuggle Up, pictured on page 25 of the book. Currently, I'm on the easy part of the border and it has been a really fun (and unintimidating ... is that a word?) project. I will let you know how the final border works out and how much funding I have to do!

The blue blanket I posted about last time is finished as of last week and is on it's way to a hospital in Mississippi with 5 others. They will be used by low income mothers (mostly teens and 20 somethings) for their new babies. 

Happy Crafting!

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