Sunday, July 02, 2006

Food and Preemie Boy Outfit

Saturday we went to the "bigger city" to get some groceries. I live in a small town of a couple thousand people with not much shopping, mostly an outlet mall. My wonderful husband decided that he was going to make a delicious meal for us so we went and got all the ingredients he needed. He made beef tenderloin with grilled asparagus, goat cheese encrusted with pine nuts, and crusty bread. Yummm!! Thanks honey!

I am finished the outfit I was designing. I think it turned out pretty cute. It is only 10" long and should fit a 1 to 2lb preemie. I used Bernat Softee Baby which is a sport weight yarn and 3.75mm needles. If you want the pattern you can find it here:

The rest of today (Sunday) will be spent relaxing and not working on too much.

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HAINAngel2000 said...

perfect out fit for a little boy! Great work..Mary