Monday, January 22, 2007

More Knitting, Less Quilting

I am not sure what is inspiring me to knit more than quilt these days .... my poor sewing machine is becoming lonely and the quilt tops are crying out to be finished. It must be something in the air since I know of at least two others that are experiencing the same thing!

I finished the sweater I started a week ago. It turned out very cute even though it is not in baby colours. Pink and grey. I love it and am pretty sure there are moms out there who don't really like the soft pastels and will enjoy something different (I am hoping anyway). Yarn is Marble by James C. Brett in the heather colourway. I used a pattern by Carole Barenys which used to be posted on Knitting On The Net but isn't there anymore. It is similar to the 5 hour baby sweater and is knit from the top down in one piece.

So what happened to finishing a couple of UFOs and starting and finishing one new item. I guess I fell off the wagon already. I cast on for a baby blanket after knitting up a dishcloth in a very pretty faux cable pattern. I am sure there is a proper name for the pattern ... if you know what it is could you let me know .... Definitely baby colours. My husband said it looks like spumoni ice cream! Guess that's a compliment (not sure though). Yarn is old, old, old stuff that was donated to me. I am guessing it is from the 70's .... Honeyspun, Caron's Dazzle Aire, and Super Yarn Mart. Fibre content says orlon and dacron and it's not very soft but should be fine for a blanket.

News Items:
Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims are teaming up to start a new online tv broadcast. It looks like their website
TheQuiltShow will have lots of fun stuff that is free but will be charging $16.95 in order to watch their tv shows online. You can blog and chat for free though. Go check it out!

The DIY network and Knitty Gritty are hosting
Super Knit Sunday on February 4th to benefit Warm Up America. Participants are asked to knit/crochet rectangles that are 7" x 9" to make afghans. Vicky Howell will have a live blog from 5 to 11pm ET where you can share ideas, ask questions and have fun! There's information on where to send your rectangles, strips or completed afghans at the bottom of the knit in website.

Bev from
Bev's Country Cottage posted some pictures of knit items being distributed in Afghanistan by Steve. I am amazed at all the donations pictured on the tables. What an awesome project. Thanks Bev for the opportunity to help!!


Anne K. said...

Cheryl - As one who is also drawn to the knitting needles more these days, I think I have an least for me. When I get home from work every night, I just want to race through dinner and then snuggle on the couch under a warm throw and fiddle with sticks...seems cozier than sitting at the sewing machine this time of year! To everything there is a season...and aren't we glad?!!!!

Candy said...

A beautiful sweater!! Great job!