Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not Another Snow Day

Yup! We are now on day 8 of days missed from school. Who knows when the kids will make them up. There are rumours of going to school on Saturdays, missing winter break and/or adding days at the end of the year (we are now into July). The kids were sure happy about the day off and keep asking if there is school tomorrow!

It was a very productive day for me. I started a fair isle hat yesterday and completed it today. I thought it would fit me but I was waaaaayyyyy off with my gauge. It doesn't even fit my 7yo so it is going to the Dulaan project. I found the pattern in an old Vogue Knitting magazine - Winter 94/95. The hat did look a little small on the model and that should have clued me in. It was very fun to knit and I really enjoyed using the different colours. The yarn is Elann's highland wool. They sell it at such a great price ... $2.25 for 100m.

Next up I finally finished the prayer shawl I have been working on forever. I added a few more rows, cast off and added fringe. I love how soft it turned out and will be going to Children's Hospital in Seattle.

And I finally made a pompom for the top of the spiral hat I had knit a few months ago. Nothing like procrastinating!!

My goal is to finish a couple of items and then start something new. So what have I started ... of course I couldn't not start something so I had some James Brett Marble yarn that I have been wanting to try out and cast on for a top down, seamless baby sweater. I need some buttons for it so will go out tomorrow (weather permitting) to the LYS to pick something out. Who knows what I will come home with ...


Marla said...

Hi Cheryl- Love that hat and bootie pattern! Just learning to knit myself. It looks great. Just was browsing through.

Anne K. said...

Terrific FOs, Cheryl!! LOVE the Fair Isle -- have been wanting to experiment with that -- and our local hospice is asking for prayer shawls. So much inspiration, so little time!!! :-)