Tuesday, January 30, 2007


For the last couple of months I have wanted to knit another pair of socks. I don't know why but I am fascinated with them. Having only knit one pair I can't say that I am really knowledgeable but I want to knit more. So I was excited when I received an email from Afghans4Afghans on Saturday asking sock knitters to knit wool socks. I even cast on that very day and have one sock 3/4s done.

The wool is Briggs&Little Tuffy sock yarn, 2ply and quite heavy and not very soft. I bought this untouched from Ram's Wool and probably wouldn't have bought it if I had actually touched it beforehand. The pattern is from Briggs&Little but I have modified it to use 2 circular needles and make the socks a little smaller. The pattern is for size large which to me was too big! I cast on 48 stitches and the sock will fit my leg and foot.

Do you want to knit some socks for Afghans4Afghans? Here are the guidelines:
- yarn must be at least 80%wool
- avoid white and very light colours
- size must fit a child 7 - 18 years old
- must have a heel and cover the lower leg
- must be knit and not crocheted
- received by March 7th (find address on their website)

Happy sock knitting :-)

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HAINAngel2000 said...

I am a first time sock knitter and is it easier do you think to knit with circular or double pointed needles?
I love both so am open to do both. I value your opinion and would like ot know what you think?