Friday, May 25, 2007

Knit For Dulaan

Since I posted those YouTube movies I thought I would also update you on all the items I have knit for The Dulaan Project so far. The due date to have all items in to F.I.R.E. is July 1st so I am hoping to have may box ready to mail by June 15th. Finished for Dulaan are one Steppe Sweater size 8/10, one red raglan sweater size 6/8, one v-neck cardigan size 4/5, three hats, and one pair of baby booties pictured below with the finished sock.

That said -- I started a new pair of wool socks size 6 and want to start and finish a size 6 pullover sweater. One sock complete and the other started (just barely).

I have a bunch of fingering/sock yarn in 100% wool that I thought I would make socks out of but it is not machine washable so won't be a good choice for my family (I don't do hand washing LOL!). Doubling this yarn up will make a nice worsted weight yarn.
We are headed camping this weekend so I hope to get the socks finished up and a good start on the sweater.

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Candy said...

Oh wow, Cheryl!! I'm always amazed at those of you that do sweaters. Your gifts to the children are fabulous!!!

Btw, I tagged you for 7 Random Things. Please forgive me if you've been tagged before!!