Monday, May 21, 2007

So Much Started

Sorry I haven't posted for quite a while. I have been busy (who hasn't) and I just haven't had the time -- or the desire -- to post. Since the last time I posted I have started 3 new projects and finished one of them today.

Afghans for Afghans had a challenge to make baby socks and hats to bless mothers for mothers day. I decided Friday that I wanted to make at least one set and the due date is May 25th. Nothing like leaving a project to the last minute. They are done -- now I just need to get them in the mail tomorrow. Hopefully they arrive by Friday! The socks are from P2Designs striped ribbed socks and the hat is made up by casting on 84sts, k2, p2 ribbing for 3" and then k6 rows purl a row, knit a row, purl a row until the hat measured 6" then typical decreasing. One more baby will be warmed!

The next project I started a couple of weeks ago was a burial dress. I have been reading on the HAIN forum of so much need by hospitals for burial outfits (very sad) and decided I needed to make some of these up. I am sure it would be much faster to sew them, but I just don't seem to have the energy and my sewing skills just don't measure up (in my opinion) as much as my knitting does. The pattern is from BW Creations which doesn't seem to be active anymore. It is knit in one piece with the back open. The skirt is a pretty eyelet pattern.

And the last item that I started about a month ago was another baby raglan cardigan sweater. I love making these, they work up quickly and turn out so cute! The pattern is by Carole Barenys and I am using some pastel sport weight yarn and pretty pink heart buttons.
I am planning on finishing the burial dress first though I still have the pink "waves" blanket I need to finish knitting. I think I am about half done with that. And the quilting/knitting group at our church has the opportunity to knit hats and booties for new arrivals through the Caring Ministry. So far no one has offered to help so I may need to knit a few of those quickly as well.
Hopefully there will not be as much time between now and the next post. I will do my best to update you on what is happening in my crafting life!!


Candy said...

Oooh! You have been busy. It's good seeing what you've been up to.

Amber Joy said...

Hi, I found your blog while googling Carole Barenys' name. I am working on the baby raglan cardigan right now too. I just bound off the body but something looks wrong... I put 42 sleeve stitches on holders like the instructions said, but now it looks like the sleeves are going to be huge and wide, almost half the height of the body! I'm starting to wonder if the pattern is wrong and I should have just done 24 sleeve stitches instead of 42.. I'd appreciate it if you could maybe email me if you've got any helpful hints or encouraging words!

Thanks, and happy knitting!
Amber Joy