Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Amy's Sampler

I started the blocks for Amy's Sampler and have three done so far. This is supposed to be a block of the month quilt that takes 6 months. So far I have two months done in a week. Hope I can keep it up and not get bored before the top is done. I haven't started anything else in hopes of finishing this top and then quilting it.

I sent a box of 5 hats, 2 booties, 3 burial outfits and a baby size quilt to the WA station of HAIN. I know it will go to good use in the hospitals here. A few more babies who will be warmed and parents comforted by handmade items. One day I would like to take items to a hospital in this area ... I am sure it would be a very touching delivery.

If you would like to donate baby items to HAIN you can find the information on there website.

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