Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hats and Booties

Here are 4 of the hats I made and the two pair of booties. The hat patterns are from P2Designs. I love all her stuff. The little ruffled hats and the blue and white checked hat can be found here and the other blue and white hat can be found here. Thanks Chou Chou and Annabelle for being models!

When I was in Penticton,BC my mom and I went to the quilt shop there, Poppin's Quilt Parlour. She really has a nice store with lots of japanese fabrics and patterns. I bought some fabric to start a Brandywine pattern I bought when I was quilt retreating a few weeks ago. Nothing like a new pattern to get fired up to quilt! I've started the first block.

We went to the parade this morning. It was pretty chilly at first even though the sun was out but withing half an hour we had our sweat shirts off and sunscreen on.

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