Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We went camping with our church family this past weekend near Yelm, WA. What a beautiful spot and view of Mt. Rainier. Swimming, water sliding and the blob were highlights of the trip as well as the food and company.

We only have a tent so now my husband thinks (and I would like one too) that we need to get a trailer so that we can do more camping with a bit more convenience ... like not having to sleep on the ground ... ohhh my aching back. Or wash dishes in a tub. Or use the yucky public bathrooms. Or cook on a campstove (love my microwave) ...

On the way home from camping we stopped at Wal-Mart and I checked out their yarn section. Found a few balls of Peaches'n Creme cotton yarn to make some more dishcloths. Came home and started on one. Finished it up last night. Used the pattern that is in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book but found it free on the internet ... it's called Textured Slip Stitch Dishcloth and is on the Dishcloth Boutique website. I also ordered a few balls of Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn from Herrschners and will get that on Thursday. Time to start Christmas gifts!


HAINAngel2000 said...

Yes working with cotton yarn can be so fun!!! I good tip is this will shrink a lot. All my wash rags I made have shrunk almost in half. BUT the good benifit is they make good scrubbers while doing dishes and can also be really soft for baby. Great work on your Orange one! Just beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Mary! They do look quite big when I knit them up so it is good to know that there is a reason to knit them larger! I finished the purple one a few days ago and love using it.