Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's Been A While

Sorry for not posting in the last week. It has been crazy (as most of you with kids can probably attest to). I haven't done hardly any crafting projects so there's not much to write about.

I did finish another dishcloth and gave it to my Mom to try out. She hasn't used a knitted dishcloth before so she is in for a treat! The pattern came from a Yahoo group called MonthlyDishclothes She has two KALs (knit a longs) per month where she posts 6 to 8 rows each day over about 7 days. And the fun part is you don't know what it will look like until you are done. You can see the latest one on the website. It is a maple leaf though you can't really see the pattern from the picture I took.

We are going camping again this weekend so I will have some time to work on a project or two. Hopefully it will be an uneventful weekend (I will make sure the water pump is turned off).


HAINAngel2000 said...

Walmart here where we live is now carrying large skeins of bernet cotton for less then the sugar and cream, same weight and better colors!! Might check your store around you Cheryl. I am getting ready to start making some dishclothes for our motorhomes! I got a bunch of different bright colors!! Anyway I like the gray.. Hum! I may have to join this group!! Might be fun. Anyway do they give them as gifts or just to keep? Blessings Mary

Cheryl said...

The nearest Walmart to me is 40 minutes away so I don't get there very often. When I go next time I will look and see if they have the Bernet cotton. They really don't have a big selection of yarn and only 5 or 6 colours of the Sugar'n Cream. I have kept all the dishclothes I have made except the one I gave my mom. I noticed that Janina needs them for one of her donations so I thought of making some and sending them on to her. They work up quick and I can do simple ones that don't take much brain power ... my brain is feeling like mush this last week :-) Hugs to you!