Monday, September 18, 2006

Working On Projects

We are back from a beautiful weekend at the beach! I am energized for another week and hopefully will get more charity crafting done. The kids are settling into their routine and I am getting back into it as well.

I decided to clean off some of my counter in my sewing room. It was getting sooo crowded with "stuff" that I couldn't find enough room to cut fabric for quilting kits that I am making. We start our first quilty get together on Friday evening so I needed to make up some more kits. While cleaning up I found some knitting projects that I hadn't worked on in a long time (and some quilty ones too).

This hat I started last fall and just never got around to finishing it. I finished it up in a day and now I have a new hat to wear while waiting for kids to get on and off the bus. I used Sirdar's WOW yarn which is thick and chenille like. Worked up fast in seed stitch.

Then I found this white infant dress that I was making. I had run out of yarn but couldn't seem to get back into it after I received more to finish it off. I am using Sirdar's Snuggly 4 Ply for this and plan to make a bonnet to go with.

There were a few other projects hiding in there that are almost complete. What's up with that? I have such a hard time finishing anything. Seems like I get down to the last sleeve of a sweater, or the last finishing of a dress and I can't work on it .... I am bound and determined to finish up some of this stuff! And I'm not going to even go into all the quilty projects I found (maybe another day).

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