Friday, April 13, 2007

Out O' Yarn

Well, not really!! One bootie is finished, but I ran out of white yarn. Darn! I ordered some more (and a few other items of course) from JoAnn's online because they have the Patons Astra yarn that I like to use. It should arrive on Monday so I can finish up the booties to go with the hat.

In the mean time I finished one baby footprint washcloth -- it turned out adorable and I will definitely make this pattern again. And have the LOVE washcloth in the works. All these items are going in a basket to be auctioned off and the proceeds to support In The Fields Ministry.

Baby Footprint Washcloth
Yarn is Peaches and Creme 100% cotton
Needles size 4mm

Love Washcloth
Yarn is Sugar 'n Cream
Needles Size 4mm

Today, my daughters and I are going shopping for some other purchased items for the auction basket. They are excited to help pick out things and it instills in them a heart for giving. Even if it isn't their money they are spending LOL!

Fun Links--
Diaper Cover (Soaker) knit pattern by cyntergnomes. Wouldn't this little soaker be cute along with a little dress or longish sweater. I like that she has sizes for newborn up to toddler.

Slipped Stitch Baby Blanket knit pattern by Barbara Breite. This blanket has wonderful texture and is really easy to knit. I love the pastel colours she chose but wouldn't it by cute in more boyish blues, purples or greens.

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HAINAngel2000 said...

Cheryl, Our newsletter is out and waiting for you to try the gown, let me know if it works. Your stuff here is just beautiful I love the color choices for your booties! Awesome job! Love you Mary