Monday, April 30, 2007

Baby Hats and More

The basket (box) is finished for In The Fields Mininstry's fundraiser auction. All the proceeds go to help drill for fresh, clean water in Uganda. It is hard to see what is in there but it is packed full of goodies. I made 2 wash clothes, hat and booties, fleece blanket with crocheted edging, and a double layer flannel receiving blanket. Also included is some goats milk soap that my sister makes -- yummy stuff. And I found this adorable box with a Noah's Ark theme from the Paper Factory. The lid is 3D which is very cool (in my opinion LOL!).

In other crafting news, our church hosts a "ministry fair" once a year where all the different ministries can set up a booth and then attendees can walk around and see what the church is up to and sign up to participate. The emphasis is on participating since we are all called to serve God. I set up a booth for the quilting/knitting/sewing ministry and had about 8 new people sign up who are interested in joining us. That really fires me up to come up with new ideas for what we can do as a group.
Our current project is making a quilt for a family who lost their teenage daughter last summer in a tragic accident. Our group is making a quilt from some of her clothing. It has definitely been a challenge with all the different size squares/rectangles that we needed to use and then using a comforter for a backing. It will be tied since I don't want to fight with it trying to machine quilt it. I know it will bring comfort to the family!

I came across some beautiful knit baby hats by Lenore English the other day. 5 of them to be exact. I have made the first three (which are displayed in our booth) and also a pair of booties to match the basket weave ribbing stitch hat. They all turned out adorable! Thanks Lenore!!!


Candy said...

What an incredible quilt!! May it bring much comfort to the family!

HAINAngel2000 said...

Miss seeing your posts! I hope your doing ok Cheryl.
Your work is beautiful. You simply amaze me! Mary