Monday, April 09, 2007

Very Busy

I never remembered having a puppy being so much work. The constant need to watch him and the fact that he is fascinated with my knitting -- wanting to chew on anything that is close enough for him to sink his sharp baby teeth into (including my hands, legs, arms). On that note there is not much new to report. The good news is my girls are home for the week on spring break so they will be a bit of a distraction for him!

The hat for the Dulaan project is done. I actually finished it before Benji arrived on the scene but haven't had a chance to take any pictures. It is made with worsted weight 100% wool from my stash and it didn't have a label on it. The pattern is one by Sarah Peasley which I have made a few times before. I really like how it turns out. This makes 6 items completed for Dulaan with a large size sweater almost finished -- it's one of my UFOs (unfinished objects) that has been sitting on my "to do" pile for months.

The next project I volunteered for this week is to help In The Field Ministries by making a basket for their auction in May. They are hoping to raise $25,000 so that they can drill a well in Rwenjiri and help out the local Pastor by replacing his mud home with a brick one. I am planning on making a "Baby Basket" for them. This hat is for the basket and I am working on making some booties to go with the hat. Hat pattern is from P2Designs. I have a fleece blanket that I will crochet an edging around, a couple of flannel burp clothes, wash cloth and then I will probably go shopping for the rest. Binky, sleepers, stuffed animal, a toy or two. Any other ideas on what would be a good item to add? If I am really ambitious I may make another basket with more girly items since this one is more boyish.

If you sew for babies you really need to check out Barb's instructions for making these really cute burp cloths. I am planning on making some of these for the above basket. Thanks Barb!!
And if you ever want to make wash cloths for babies this baby footprint cloth is adorable and so is this Love cloth. And one more -- this embossed heart cloth is very pretty.


Anne K. said...

Oh my gosh, Cheryl, these hats are precious. I especially love the Sarah Peasley one - you've put some gorgeous texture into it, and I love the shaping of the brim - fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.

JorieJC2 said...

Hello! I am strolling along here in blogspot. I also love these hats you posted. Those are gorgeous.

I'm wondering if you might want to check out a community some friends and I can find it at

Like you, we believe strongly in making homemade items for a community, we are tracking how many items everyone does. We're hoping to donate 3000 items this year.

If you want to join us (and we'd love it if you did!) just e-mail

As soon as I figure out this blogspot stuff I will promise to visit your blog regularly :)

Very very cute puppy pictures as well :D