Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Finished Quilt

Wow ... this is a momentous occasion. I actually finished a quilt that was worked on only by me. A couple of years ago I would have finished 4 or 5 by this time in the year but knitting has really taken over from my sewing. Not that I am complaining! Knitting is more portable. And I can finish baby items much quicker than a quilt --- ahhhh, instant (almost) gratification!

Also finished and off the needles is the pair of socks I was knitting for the Dulaan project. And started is a sweater. I am hoping to have the sweater done in another week so I can box up my items and get them off to F.I.R.E. If it isn't done then it will be a good start on next years items or may get donated to Afghans for Afghans if they have a need. It will definitely be used somewhere to keep yet another child warm --- there is such a great need on this planet for warm clothes!

I am still working on the newborn dress. The skirt is almost finished and then I will start the sleeves (I will post a picture next time).

I have about 10 yards of fleece that I want to cut into baby blankets and then edge in crochet. That will be my next project, as well as some newborn hats for our caring ministry at church. I have a never ending list!!


Candy said...

You quilt is beautiful as always!

Anne K. said...

Blue and yellow - always an unbeatable combination!!! Yours turned out wonderfully.