Sunday, July 09, 2006


Accckkkk ... I couldn't stand it any longer and had to start something new. I actually started two new things, can you believe it! I am sure you can ... have you been there? So you could say I caved into my desires of starting new stuff and not finishing UFOs.

BUT I did work on a UFO ... I sewed the borders onto a quilt top that I had started at least 6 months ago so now we will see how long it sits before it gets quilted. This quilt will go to Encompass when it is done. It is made with the Jacob's Ladder block and is about 40" x 55".

And I finished another block for my Women of The Bible quilt. This one is for Michal (one of David's wives) is 6 1/2" and made with my hand dyed fabrics. And I am still not done with Ruth's block but I am a bit closer.

So, onto the two new projects I started. I found this wonderful baby set with sweater knit from the top down, hat and booties designed by Lenore English. The catch is that she doesn't have a picture posted of the set so it will be a mystery until I get the pieces finished. I am about half done the sweater in a very bright lime green (the label calls it Spring Green) and white Patons Astra yarn. My MIL gave me this yarn so this project hasn't cost me anything yet. The only stipulation she gave was that I make her a triangle shaped scarf so I already bought some yarn to make it in (haven't started yet).

The second project is a shawl from the Shawl Ministry website. Just the basic shawl pattern in Red Heart Symphony, 5.5mm needles in color Ice Blue. This yarn I purchased yesterday when we were at Walmart. You've got to love the prices at that store even though the one I go to doesn't have much of a selection.

Kids are bugging me to go out and ride bikes with them! Enjoy your Sunday.

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HAINAngel2000 said...

Cheryl this is so adorable!!! I love checking out your blogs! I just appreciate you so much. I simply adore you!! :)