Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

I figure in a few weeks you will have seen pretty much all my different UFOs. Can you tell that I don't have a very long attention span and jump from one project to the next? I can't seem to finish anything ... the project gets close to being finished and for some unknown reason I get tired of it and can't finish it.

On that note, I found this shawl that I had started over 2 years ago and decided I want it finished. It is a pattern from Knitty called Tri-Aran-Angle I am knitting it in one of Rowan's 100% wool yarns (worsted weight) and 5.5mm needles. I just have to finish the top row of cabling and it is done. Any guesses on how long that will take?

The quilt underneath the shawl is currently on my sewing machine being quilted. Another project that I have had for at least a year (top completed) but never finished. It will go to Encompass' preschool program in September. When I found I didn't have any thread to quilt the green rail fence quilt (picture in a previous post) I layered this one and started quilting it.

We have two 4th of July parties to attend today but my younger daughter has the flu so it may be a stay at home (and finish some projects?) kind of day! Be safe out there and enjoy the fire works.

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