Monday, July 31, 2006

More Baby Stuff

Over the weekend I cut out a gown and a boys outfit for 2 - 3lbers. I managed to get the boys outfit sewn up and the girls is still in pieces. The pattern is from Newborns In Need pattern set #3. The binding on the sleeves and neck gave me fits but I finally managed it. I think it was because I made it quite narrow. I am also planning on making a brimmed bonnet to go with it.

On Saturday I was rooting through one of my charity bins looking for fabric to make the boys outfit and girls gown and ran across this bag of knit squares. I have 26 squares knit and I think I need 36 to make a half decent size blanket ... more UFOs ... accckkkk!! I found the pattern on Sarah Bradberry's website. I think this is one of the patterns in the Mason Dixon Knitting book that is really popular right now. I have a hold on it from the library but still am waiting for a copy so I can see what all the hoopla is about LOL!!

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