Monday, July 17, 2006

More Yarn

I finished up the green and white baby sweater (newborn size) yesterday sans buttons. I will need to go to the local fabric shop to get some. You would think with all the containers of buttons I have I would find some that would work but I didn't .... this is my DHs thinking anyway. So off to the store later on today to find some lime green buttons. You may want to check out this story (very funny) if you have projects falling out of the closet and yarn and/or fabric stashed all over the house.

Speaking of yarn falling out of cupboards, I bought more a while ago from KnitPicks, an online yarn shop with lots of gorgeous yarns at really great prices. My MIL gave me the green yarn (that I made the baby sweater out of) as well as some cream yarn. About 12 balls in all with the condition (though she didn't really say it that way) that I would make her a brown scarf. I have been searching for scarf patterns over the last month (she would like a triangle shape) and found a few that I thought would work. Mostly lace patterns. My favourite lace pattern I found was on the Magknits website and are actually shawls. I was thinking I could make one of them smaller for a scarf.

Then I got some books from the library and was perusing through them and found a faux entrelac scarf pattern that is recangular in shape (but would be easy to make into triangle shape) and another one with knit leaves sewn on. I think it would be beautiful if I combined the two ... decisions, decisions .... maybe I will make both and give one to MIL and keep one for myself. The book is Vogue Knitting On The Go - Scarves.

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