Saturday, July 08, 2006

Global Outreach

I found this website about making shawls for the Jewish women in Israel while surfing this morning. What an awesome cause and it always amazes me how one knitter can really make a difference in the world. Being a Christian I am excited that I can bless the Jewish people through a craft that I really enjoy. What are Jesus' roots and the basis of the bible? All come from the Jews and their belief in an Almighty God.

Jerusalem Peace Shawls
In an effort to reach out globally with a gesture of peace, we invite you to knit a shawl to be given to a woman in Israel by the Interfaith Encounter Association. This association fosters dialogue among people of different faith traditions on a grassroots level to bring about understanding and, hopefully, peace! As knitters and crocheters of shawls which embody prayer, compassion, and a desire to pass on a blessing, we thought that this would be a wonderful way to connect with the world beyond the borders of our country....hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, person-to-person. Copied from the Shawl Ministry Webpage

At the bottom of the Tip Sheet on the Prayer Shawl Ministry page they have many knit and crochet patterns for shawls.

There are all kinds of free shawl patterns at Knitting Pattern Central.

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